Kittens at New Hampshire Bed and Breakfast

New Hampshire Bed and BreakfastHere they are, the newest members of our family! These adorable kittens are the happy ending of a sad story about our beloved cat, Sage. We adopted Sage from the Humane Society six years ago. She was a gray and black tiger who had been hit by a car and nursed back to health at the Humane Society. We fell in love with her when we saw her, and she was so friendly when we took her out of her cage that we knew she’d be a great pet.

Sage followed Mittie and Ellie, who we had for 18 years, so she was our first new cat in a very long time! (Some of our long time house guests remember Ellie, who sat in her box on the front desk and greeted everyone). Sage settled in and was a wonderful pet, a great hunter and was often at the front desk just like Ellie.

Just before Christmas, Sage died very suddenly and we were all heart broken. So, we started asking around about the possibility of anyone in the area having kittens at this dark and cold time of year. We were in luck: the Tolman’s had 4 kittens who were 8 weeks old and looking for homes. I piled all of the teenage boys who were at my house into the car and off we trekked on the icy back roads of Chesterfield, to the Tolman¬† farm.

At the farm, we all sat on the floor and played with the black and white kittens and finally chose Sophie Boots and Yoda (named by the boys). I had thought that one kitten would be good but we ended up with two because it was so hard to choose! The kittens have provided much entertainment and laughter since their arrival. They periodically visit the inn, and play in the lobby, captivating everyone who comes in the door. This past weekend we had a group of snow shoers who spent at least an hour each day playing with the kittens. In fact, the photo that you see above was taken by one of them!

So here’s an official welcome to Sophie and Yoda-come see us ¬†at Chesterfield Inn and meet them before they get too big and turn into cats!