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Asparagus Soup: The Taste of Spring at Chesterfield Inn

Homemade Asparagus Soup Recipe With these intoxicating spring days finally upon us, I couldn’t resist picking up some asparagus and making my first batch of asparagus soup for our New Hampshire Inn! The recipe is simple, and is made without chicken stock for our vegetarian friends. Here’s how it’s made: Ingredients: 2 bunches asparagus (about Read More »

New Holiday Dessert at the Chesterfield Inn :: Pavlova Recipe

Delicious Pavlova Recipe I’m so excited about this new dessert that I want to share the recipe so that others can try it! It’s delicious, easy to make and beautiful to look at! It’s called a Pavlova, and I discovered it when I was invited to a holiday party that was focused on international food Read More »

It’s Maple Time- Our Homemade Maple Cheesecake Recipe Revealed

Homemade Maple Cheesecake After a long winter with snowstorm after snowstorm, spring has finally started to arrive at our Inn in New Hampshire. The daytime temperatures are now above freezing, most days, with temperatures dipping below freezing at night. It’s perfect “sugaring” weather! Maple sugaring is what our local farmers call the process of collecting Read More »

Ruth and Her Homemade Sour Cream Coffee Cake

A Treasured Employee and Homemade Sour Cream Coffee Cake When Phil and I purchased the Inn in July of 1987, we “inherited” an employee who is still with us, 21 years later! Ruth VanHouten has worked in almost all of the jobs that need to be done here at Chesterfield Inn, from front desk to housekeeping Read More »

Homemade Summer Berry Crisp Recipe :: New Hampshire Bed and Breakfast

Homemade Summer Berry Crisp Recipe It’s time for the long lazy days of summer here in New Hampshire, with hot sunny days and evenings cool enough to throw a sweater around your shoulders. With the beautiful weather comes the bounty of the local farmers’ gardens which is offered at the farmers’ markets as well as Read More »