Romantic NH Bed and Breakfast :: #1 Rated Inn with Stunning Gardens


romantic NH bed and breakfast Our Southern New Hampshire Bed and Breakfast Inn is sited on a hill with a winding driveway leading around the pond from the entrance on Cross Road. The pond is edged with cattails and willow trees and has some very plump green frogs in its waters. On a summer night, the frogs provide a loud chorus from the banks of the pond.

Our yard consists of 10 acres of land mostly landscaped into gardens designed by renowned landscape architect Gordon Hayward. Over the years, as the structure of the buildings at our romantic NH Bed and Breakfast grew and evolved, his landscaping created a setting that ties the gardens to the buildings in a natural way so that they work as one to provide the inn’s closeness to nature and serene, restful ambiance.

The meadow is a mass of wild flowers. In midsummer, the grasses and flowers are waist high and sway in the breeze. There is a mown path through the meadow to explore and enjoy the summertime smell of all of the different flowers and grasses. Black-eyed Susan’s and Queen Anne’s lace flourish there.

romantic NH bed & breakfast The main inn is perched on the highest point of the property, with the exterior rooms and the Johanna Wetherby Building stretched across the knoll. The shape of the buildings is reminiscent of the way that old New England farmhouses were attached to the barns so that the farmers didn’t have to wade through the snow to get to their animals in the cold snowy winters.

The blue stone terrace off of the dining rooms has gardens on all four sides and steps down to the flat lawn where many a wedding has taken place. In the spring the crab apple and azalea blossoms are breathtaking, covered with clumps of pink blooms. At night  the crab apple trees are hung with white lights that twinkle as the breeze blows.

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