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Pet Friendly

If you’re traveling with your pet, we ask that you select one of the following rooms at our Pet Friendly New Hampshire Inn:

pet friendly hotels in New Hampshire

Pet Package

For cats or dogs traveling with humans – in any of the exterior rooms at our Pet Friendly New Hampshire Inn

This package includes:

  • Selection of locally made North Woods Animal Treats for your pet
  • Water and food bowls
  • Some new toys for an extra fun getaway!


$50 plus the cost of your room

Pet Friendly Rooms

It is said that pet owners are happier, healthier, calmer, less stressed and can actually live longer. Why not treat yourself and your pet to a getaway to New Hampshire? Enjoy luxury lodging, beautiful scenery, and exceptional service in our top rated New Hampshire bed and breakfast.

We understand how your vacation is not complete without your ENTIRE family. We too feel a hike is not a hike unless your dog is by your side. If you’re searching for pet friendly hotels in New Hampshire, treat yourself to a relaxing stay and enjoy pet friendly lodging at its best!

People love to travel with their pets and bringing the beloved family dog on a trip adds another layer of enjoyment for everyone. We’re all animal lovers here, and we’re delighted to welcome you and your pets to our New Hampshire pet friendly bed and breakfast.

We reserve the rooms that are outside the main New Hampshire inn for pet owners and their furry friends, for easy access to our back yard. We just ask that you crate your dogs if you leave the room, and that you pick up after them while on our grounds. We do require that you leash your dog while on the inn property. And, of course, in the unlikely event that your pet damages any part of the room, you are responsible for the damages.

If you are traveling with your pet, take advantage of our Pet Package Special – you AND your pet will love it!