Snowshoeing in Chesterfield, NHAll of us are getting a little tired of winter, but I’ve found that if you embrace the snow and cold and get outside, you can actually enjoy these cold and snowy days! One way to enjoy the woods in the winter is to go snowshoeing. You can get some great exercise snowshoeing and easily make your way through the deep snow in the woods. Right now, we have such good snow cover that if you walk in boots you’ll sink into the snow up to your knees. With snow shoes, you don’t sink in and you stay on the surface of the snow, making walking much easier.

From the Chesterfield Inn, I’d suggest Pisgah Park as a good place to start. Pisgah Park is in the town of Chesterfield and has 14,000 acres to explore. You can enter the park off of Horseshoe Road or on Route 63. Either way, the trails are clearly marked and you can go as far as you like. Some of the trails are shared with snow mobiles, which pack down the snow and act as groomers, and some are left just for snowshoes or skis. The woods are so pretty with the snow on the underbrush and trees, and you can easily see tracks from all of the wild life. The park is quiet and serene at this time of year.

Pack your snowshoes when you come to Chesterfield Inn, or rent them at Burrows Specialized Sports in Brattleboro. It’s time to go play in the snow!