Today we are the Brattleboro Blog! The Chesterfield Inn, although located in New Hampshire, is a short 10 minute drive across the Connecticut River to Main Street, Brattleboro.  A Brattleboro vacation can be spent in town or on the river, the mountains, or the rambling trails in the woods. Brattleboro is a very vibrant place, with lots going on and many nooks and crannies to explore.

If you are considering visiting Brattleboro, Vermont, here are ten places to visit while you’re here.

1. Amy’s Bakery: a must for a latte and an almond horn, a baguette or for lunch.

2. Vermont Artisan Designs: chock full of the finest art and objects crafted by Vermont artisans.

3. The Book Cellar: a real independent book store, with great selection and fabulous customer service.

4. Latchis Theater: 4 screens in a a Art Deco building with movies and live shows.

5.Grafton Cheese Company: cheese factory and a shop full of edible delights

6. Brattleboro Food Coop: the place to meet the locals; much more than a grocery store.

7. Farmer’s Market: Saturdays on Route 9 in West Brattleboro in the warm months. Farmers, food and fun!

8. Walker Farm: a heavenly oasis for flowers and plants as well as fresh, organic produce seasonally.

9. Tom and Sally’s Chocolate: on Route 30, for the best chocolate and fancy candies in town.

10. Brattleboro Retreat Trails to the Retreat Tower: a wonderful walk in the woods to the tower that overlooks Brattleboro.

We’d be happy to tailor an itinerary for you to use while you’re here if you give us some idea of your interests. Just speak to anyone at the front desk!