Autumn in the Kitchen at our New Hampshire Inn

Autumn has officially arrived in the kitchen at the Chesterfield Inn. Chef Bob Nabstedt has created the Autumn menu; we can tell by the enticing aromas wafting our way from the kitchen.

A few of the highlights of the new menu are: the wild game sausages served on balsamic braised cabbage with ale mustard sauce, the roasted butternut squash ravioli with sun-dried cranberry butter sauce and the pan seared scallops served over fresh rosemary papardelle with the tomato, saffron, and fennel broth. To see the Autumn menu in its entirety, click here.

Seared Scallops on Fresh Rosemary Papardelle with Tomato Saffron Fennel

Seared Scallops on Fresh Rosemary Papardelle with Tomato Saffron and Fennel Broth

The food is a bit heartier, and the flavors more pronounced, to go with the crisp air and brilliant colors of the maple leaves. The sun is setting a bit earlier every day and we are lighting the fireplaces earlier against the late afternoon chill.

These crisp clear days are what New Englanders dream about as the warm days of summer pass and we prepare for winter. The garden’s bounty is harvested and the foods that we eat are a bit heavier to keep us warm. Rather than fresh vegetable salads, we’ll look for roasted squashes or root vegetables for dinner.

The desserts that we offer after dinner reflect the season too: warm apple cranberry crisp, pumpkin bread pudding with caramel sauce are a couple of the newest offerings. We’re experimenting with a pecan crusted pumpkin tart, trying to get it just right before it gets added to the dessert menu.

Even what we choose to drink changes at this time of year. Red wines seem to compliment the heartier foods, and we are featuring some delicious Italian reds at the mnoment. The one that I’m most taken with at the moment is an Anglianico from Campania. It’s full bodied, fruit-forward flavors compliment the savory essence of the Autumn menu perfectly.