Our Chesterfield New Hampshire Bed and Breakfast Hosts The Red Chair

Chesterfield New Hampshire Bed and BreakfastIt was our pleasure to have The Red Chair with us at our romantic New Hampshire bed and breakfast this week. This slightly worn, bright red wooden chair is making its way around New England, traveling from inn to inn. It started from its home in Woods Hole at the Woods Hole Inn in July and will return to Woods Hole in mid-December. My job, as host of the chair for 3 days this week, was to take photos of the chair at the inn and in Chesterfield so that people could get an idea of where the chair had been.

My first photo was of the inn sitting in the field in front of the inn sign in the meadow in the front yard to the left of the pond. It was a cold November morning, and the trees and grass were all coated with a thin layer of frost, making the chair stand out even more.

Chesterfield New Hampshire Bed and BreakfastI then moved the chair to the back of the inn, on the blue stone terrace, and snapped this photo. The terrace usually has several Chesterfield New Hampshire Bed and Breakfastwrought iron tables and chairs with umbrellas on it, but the furniture has all been stored in the barn for the winter, so the chair was all alone out there.

We came inside to warm up for a few minutes, and then I packed the chair up into the car and drove 10 minutes up to the Madame Sherri Forest in West Chesterfield. The trails in the forest are beautifully laid out, and circle around the hilly landscape, climbing all the way up to Indian Pond, a beautiful pond hidden at the top of the hill but below the cliffs off the back of Mine Ledge. I carried the chair a short way up the trail, where it forks to the right and opens up so that you can see the ruins of Madame Sherri’s house. I was able to set the chair in the center near the stone staircase and take a nice photo.