Sam’s – A Brattleboro Landmark

Sam's in Brattleboro 1940

Sam’s in Brattleboro 1940

One of the best things about Brattleboro, Vermont, which is 2 miles from the Inn, is Sam’s Outdoor Outfitters.  Sam’s is a Brattleboro landmark, and has occupied its half block of Main Street since the 1930’s. It  was opened by the Borofsky  family and is still is owned by the third generation of the Borofsky’s.

Sam’s is a great place to shop, for locals as well as people traveling through town. I have a friend from New Jersey who stops at Sam’s every time he visits us, to look for that one piece of fleece that he has to have. The prices are reasonable and the selection is great. Sam’s has everything from hiking boots to Carharrt jeans to fishing poles to ski jackets to long underwear to waders to yoga pants to guns. They have winter clothes for the entire family, as well as kayaks, canoes, cross country skis and snowshoes. In the summer, there are short and shirts of all kinds, as well as bathing suits and sandals. The store has multiple levels, connected by stairs, and rambles through the building. The popcorn machine , providing fresh popcorn to all customers on a self serve basis, is in the center of the store. The popcorn is a very helpful distraction when shopping with kids!

This weekend is Sam’s  Pre-inventory sale and everything in the store is at least 20% off. I was delighted to find a pair of Merrill  Gore-tex hiking boots at 20% off among the huge selection of women’s hiking boots and walking shoes in the basement of Sam’s. Then I climbed the stairs up to the men’s hunting section, past the popcorn machine, and down a couple of steps to the women’s clothing section. I tried on a Patagonia parka that was half price but the wrong color, and then found an alpaca sweater with a rolled collar that was 40% off. I managed to stop there, but keep thinking of the Smartwool sox that I should have gotten-maybe I’ll go back for another look this weekend!