Today’s Farmstand Bounty

Farm-Fresh New Hampshire Bed and Breakfast Dining

new hampshire bed and breakfast farm fresh mealsMy visit to Walker Farm today yielded a big bag of vegetables and fruits, and lots of inspiration for dinner.

Dessert: I started with dessert, of course , which was minted peaches and blueberries. It just took a minute to blanch the peaches, peel and and pit them, and slice them up in a glass bowl with the blueberries and fresh mint in a simple syrup. It helps to make them a few hours ahead so the flavors have time to blend.

Main Course: Then on to the main part of the meal: I sautéed some red onion and garlic until the onion began to caramelize, and added shredded zucchini, summer squash, and carrots. I stirred and sautéed that for another 5 or 10 minutes until the vegetables were soft and added salt and pepper to taste.

Amazing Sides: Then I took a handful each of green and yellow beans, tossed them in salt, pepper and olive oil, and put them on the grill until they were cooked through and slightly charred.

The corn on the cob at the farm stand was still damp with the morning dew, so I scooped up 6 ears and took them home for a little corn salad. I boiled the corn until it was tender, scraped the kernels off of the cob, and added it to onion, garlic and red pepper that I had sautéed in olive oil while the corn was cooking. I added some finely cut ribbons of basil, and salt and pepper and it was ready to eat!

The main dish for dinner was a frittata, made with fresh eggs, boiled new potatoes, onion, green pepper, black beans, cumin, cilantro, and fresh tomatoes. I started in a coated pan on the top of the stove, and finished it in the oven, adding grated cheddar at the end for a flavor jolt.

What a luxury to be able to prepare and enjoy an entire meal made with food that was grown within 10 miles of our cozy bed and breakfast.