March Madness- Winter in New England

winter in new englandWell, this is when it starts every year. Those of us who choose to live in Northern New England start to go a little crazy in the beginning of March!

By now, we’ve had at least 4 months of cold weather, and at least 3 months of snowy weather. That means we’re accustomed to the cold, and skilled at snow removal from walks, roofs, and driveways. It also means that we think it’s warm if the temperature goes above freezing,  and we throw off our gloves, and drive the car with the sun roof open when it’s 35 degrees out.

This weekend we had our first real taste of spring with temperatures in the 50’s and lots of sunshine. The snow started to melt, and the lawn and gardens started to emerge from their thick blanket of snow. We could hear the birds singing and even sighted a hardy robin in the yard behind Chesterfield Inn. We rushed outside, to go for walk or to start to  clean up the downed branches from the last snow storm. It was a glorious day!

Then, we woke up to a snow storm on Monday morning which quickly covered the roads,  making everything white again. The roads were slick, and it snowed all day long; we were right back to shoveling. It was depressing, and even the hardiest among us let slip that we were tired of winter. This is just too cruel to bear, a glimmer of hope that spring is near, and then the door slams shut and winter returns.

But, things are looking brighter  today, now that the snow has stopped. The sun is out,  the birds are chirping, and yes, the snow is starting to melt. The trees are still snow covered and sparkling in the sun light, looking magical. So, we lift out heads, take a deep breath, and try to enjoy the last days of winter, ever hopeful for spring to come, ready to have our hopes dashed again before winter is finally over!