Snowshoeing in the Park :: Pigsah National Forest

Pigsah National ForestAs anyone who follows the weather knows, we’ve lots and lots of snow in Southwestern New Hampshire this winter!  Chesterfield Inn has seen at least one storm each week since early December, and the storms have all dumped at least 5 inches of the white stuff on us. Up here, we measure snowstorms on whether there’s enough to shovel-3 inches or more- and whether there’s enough to plow-5 inches or more. A blizzard is when we have white out conditions and enough to plow twice-12 inches or more! You get the picture.

Since our winter lasts so long, northerners know that the only way to get through it is to embrace it, to get outside and enjoy it. Yes, it’s cold, but there is a particular beauty to winter that is stunning. The air is bracing, the leafless branches of the trees stand out against the sky, the snow softens the landscape as it defines the soft evergreens in its white backdrop.

One of the best kept secrets of the Monadnock Region is Pisgah National Forest, right here in Chesterfield. The Park encompasses 13,500 acres, and has two entrances in Chesterfield, at Horseshoe Road and on Route 63 at Kilburn Pond.

Last weekend, my friend Annie and I headed out for a snow shoe in the park. Annie had never gone snow shoeing before but she picked it up right away and off we went. We used ski poles for balance, and moved right along into the woods on the trail. We met two other people the entire time that we were out  and has a lovely snow shoe on the pristine trail along Kilburn Pond. If we’d had more time we could have made the entire loop around the pond, which takes about 3 hours. After 2 hours we were tired, and headed home in the dusky late afternoon, feeling exhilarated by the strenuous exercise, and beauty of the outdoors.