Cheese Lovers Rejoice in Chesterfield, New Hampshire!

It may be too cheesy to say that the Grafton Cheese Company holds a dear place in our hearts, but it’s true. Our guests love to visit and experience rich flavors of high-quality local cheeses in Brattleboro, Vermont, just a short drive from our Chesterfield, NH inn. The next time you visit the area, be sure to visit their beautiful store that was built with cheese-lovers in mind. You will enjoy tasting the local cheese as well as products from cheese makers around the world. Be sure to visit mid-week so you can tour the cheese-making facilities. Weekend visitors will get to taste the cheese but will not be able to take the tour.

Cheese Tasting New Hampshire

Grafton Village Cheese Company produces handmade, raw milk cheeses with premium hormone-free milk gathered from small local family farms. Their original cheddar cheeses include distinctive cheeses that have been aged for up to four years (sometimes longer), and a selection of flavored cheddar cheeses. Their Cave Aged line is made of cow, sheep and mixed milk original cheeses that are aged in Grafton caves. This unique process produces the best quality and flavors.

When you visit Brattleboro, Vermont you will enjoy checking out the retail stores, and getting an up-close look through the viewing windows that look into the cheese-making rooms. Visit mid-week, and you’ll also get a tour! The good news is that the delicious cheeses you’ll taste at the Grafton Cheese Company can be found in more places than the local facility. You can find their delicious cheeses at Whole Foods, specialty cheese shops, gourmet food stores, natural food stores, food coops and selected supermarkets around the country. Your visit won’t be the last time you experience the fantastic flavors of Grafton cheeses.

Cheese in NH

Touring the Grafton Cheese Company is the perfect addition to any family trip, couple’s getaway, or girl’s weekend. If you and your girlfriends will be spending the weekend with us at our luxurious New Hampshire inn, enjoy a tour and cheese tasting, and plenty of fine wine.

Our Girl’s Getaway Package includes:

  • Wine and cheese by the fire
  • A delicious and leisurely dinner at the inn
  • Pedicures at our local salon
  • Some precious time with the girls!

$125 per person, plus the cost of your room

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