Maple Sugar Season

Maple Syrup in New Hampshire

Maple Syrup starts with sap

It’s Sugar Time! In early March, when daily temperatures rise above freezing in the daytime and then dip below freezing at night, the sap starts to run in our sugar maple trees. Sugar shacks open up for the season and the farmers start to boil the sap down to make maple syrup. You can see the clouds of steam billowing out from sugar shacks along the back roads of Vermont and New Hampshire.

We like to visit the sugar shacks to watch the process and sample some fresh maple syrup. A few of our local favorites are open to the public and welcome visitors. You might like to visit:

Harlow’s Sugar House – Putney, Vermont

Woodard’s Sugar House – Surry, NH

Stuart and John’s Sugar House – Westmoreland, NH

Romantic B&B in New HampshireWe like to go to Stuart and John’s because they have the added bonus of Stuart and John’s Restaurant, where you can order some of their corn fritters or blueberry pancakes served with maple syrup made right there on their farm.

Be sure to book your Sugar House getaway with us at Chesterfield Inn!